United States Running Streak Association, Inc.
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Members in the news - 2009

Karen Queally featured in article "Breast Cancer Survivor Completes Her 100th Marathon in Yonkers" published in Runners World Online on September 22, 2009

Mark Covert featured in article "Running Every Day for 40 Years" published on RossTraining.com blog on June 27, 2009

Paul Boyette featured in article "2,207 runs: The streak that owned the man" by Kyle Tucker for The Virginian Pilot on May 24, 2009 includes photos

Robert Kraft featured in story "Everlasting Run" published on ESPN.com - E-Ticket in May 2009

Roger D. Raymond featured in story "Boston Marathon fulfills runner’s lifetime dream, The Super Bowl of marathons" published on marconews.com on May 8, 2009

Robert "Raven" Kraft featured in story "That's So Raven" by Jessica Sick published for NBC Miami News site on March 29, 2009

Charles Holmberg featured in print and TV story "Charles Holmberg puts his name in the running record books" published in February 2009 CSUS Digest and video from KXTV News 10

Mark Washburne featured in story "7,000 consecutive days: Mendham runner to mark milestone and keep on going" by Rob Jennings published for the Daily Record on February 27, 2009

Mark Courtney, Sue Ruzicka, Don Slusser & Richard Wright are all mentioned in story "Streak runners a rare breed these days" by Jody DiPerna published for the Tribune-Review on February 9, 2009

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