--Craig Snapp & George A. Hancock


SPILLED BLOOD – Brian Freeman

     This is the latest book by one of my favorite authors. And, this book is a “stand-alone” read. It begins with a simple homicide and expands exponentially from there. It addresses many large topics all related to the original crime. The ending is incredible. This reader saw exactly zero of the twists in the last umpteen pages.  Craig



     This is the latest by another of my favorite authors. This is Nesbo’s first stand alone novel. It’s already been made into a movie with English sub-titles. The way the Main Character manipulates everything at the end is awesome and semi-hilarious. Since our last report this reader/writer has read REDBREAST, NEMISIS, and THE LEOPARD by Mister Nesbo. These are also outstanding novels.   Craig


11-22-63 – Steven King

     This is Mister King’s exploration about what might happen if there was such a thing as time-travel. And, what happens if someone wishes to prevent the JFK assassination. Although it does have a whole lotta pages, for anyone able to devote the time, it will be more than worth it. For those folks not caring for the Supernatural this book is about the premise of time travel. The book is strictly straight-forward. This is a tour-de-force. Craig


      Craig is being kind with his “whole lotta pages.” The novel numbers 849 pages. One wonders why current authors are turning out such wordy novels. It’s a huge heavy book that retails for $35.00. I read a copy from my local library. The main character is Jack Epping a 35-year old English teacher from Lisbon Falls, Maine. The bulk of this novel takes place in Jodie, Texas. The time travel is very interesting. Steven King is a master story teller. He created a unique concept. The time portal always takes you back to Tuesday September 9, 1958. And, no matter how long you stay in the past only 2 minutes pass in the present day. This is a great story despite those 849 pages. Just remember that every action creates a consequence and time does not want to change.     George


UNBROKEN – Laura Hillenbrand

     This is a true story about a man whose plane is shot down over the ocean during World War II. It’s the extreme example of fact being made much stranger than fiction. What this one human being goes through is nothing short of wholly inspirational. It will provide positivity, in many, many, many misty eyed moments.     Craig


V IS FOR VENGEANCE – Sue Grafton                                                                                                                                

     This is another edition in the ongoing alphabet series involving private investigator Kinsey Milhone. The time frame in this novel is May, 1988. And, as regular Grafton readers know, the action predates home computers, the internet and those myriad personal electronic devices. A good story! V Is For Vengeance is one of Grafton’s best novels in some time.     George


D.C. DEAD – Stuart Woods

      This is the latest Stone Barrington novel. This book finds Stone & Dino working with Holly Barker in Washington, DC. A murder takes place on White House grounds. Stone and Dino work to solve this mystery. D.C. Dead is a good story with numerous cross over characters from other Stuart Woods novels.      George


KILL ALEX CROSS – James Patterson

     364 pages filled with incredible plots, characters and fast paced action. The President’s children are kidnapped in an elaborate international terrorist plot. Or, are they? Patterson is a gifted story teller. His novels are fast paced page turners. A great read!     George



     The HUNGER GAMES was published in 2008. CATCHING FIRE was printed in 2009. And, MOCKINGJAY WAS PUBLISHED IN 2010. The main character is 16-year old Katniss Everdeen. These three books have created a publishing frenzy. Week after week they remain in the top sales spots. THE HUNGER GAMES was also recently adapted into a very popular movie. Some individuals have found the main theme of these novels troubling. However, each novel is well written with interesting characters in a surreal setting.    George


    So many books – so little time.